Email Marketing & Social Media Management


Direct email marketing and social media can be incredibly effective online tools to advertise your business and gain new leads.  Setting up MailChimp and Facebook for Business are one of the most basic ways for small businesses to keep in touch with their customers.

Good marketing is all about acknowledging target markets, understanding strategy and goals, as well as optimising your online presence.  If just reading that has made you want to close your eyes and block your ears—allow us to assist you.

We can take the pain away from figuring out how and where to use direct emails and social media for your business marketing by teaching you how to use these platforms effectively.

Virtual Assist can take care of your:

– MailChimp and Facebook initial set up

– Facebook Training

Virtual Assist are Regional Business Partners, click here for more information on the NZTE voucher scheme.

We also teach how to manage/strategise your own MailChimp and Facebook for Business  with one-on-one sessions, for more information about these training packages contact us today

Ways we can help Bookkeeping in Xero

Starter Bookkeeping Package

For new businesses

Silver Bookkeeping Package

For growing businesses

Gold Bookkeeping Package

For larger enterprises

Other Services We Offer


Saving you time and money by processing your paperwork

Business Systems Setup

Streamlining your internal systems so you work smarter

Project Management & Estimating

Pricing and executing your business’s projects


We upskill your team by training your team how to use your systems effectively

Website Design

We will design you a website that suits your business needs and maintain it through hosting